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Doxycycline making acne worse?

I have been on doxycycline for 2 months now, and it seems to me that it is making my acne worse. I will probablt be starting accutane in januray, but my doctor decided to keep me on doxy til then. I feel that it has improved my blackheads and such, but my deep, enflamed acne just seems worse then ever!!!

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Well I'm sorry to hear that it's not working for you, but I would recommend maybe gradually reducing your dose if your dermatologist really wants you to stay on the medication.

Whatever dosage you take, take half of that for a couple weeks and see how you do. Things might get better. =)

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I have just got on Doxycycline after Oxytetracycline failed miserably. I had a short stint on Erythromycin but problems eventually arose with that.

I like how this is one a day though. Well for me it is anyway. I can go out and not have to worry about missing a dose. Plus, I can eat with it, which is a plus. I'm beggining to lose faith in antibiotics to be honest. To me antibiotics always had that stigma of being a very effective acne treatment, and I was excited when I eventually was prescribed them but thus far they have been a dissapointment to me. At least with topicals you at least experience that process of actively applying something rather than just popping pills everyday.

My doctor basically admitted he was running out of ideas and that if no improvement was seen with Doxycycline, I would be referred to a dermatologist. I don't know if I'm excited at that prospect or not.

Maybe Doxycycline will take a liking to me.

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