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Bump after scab is removed

So last Friday I finally got my Comedo extractor and decided to put it to the test. I've had 3 pretty deep blackheads that were bothering the hell out of me, so I figured I'd try to remove them with the extractor. The first one...came out np after a little bit of pressing it with a hot washcloth. The second one...a little bit of trouble. Like an idiot, I decided to use a little finger pressing to give it a boost and of course cut through the skin and left a nice nail mark. Story of my life... The 3rd one I did the next day and came out np.

So usually after I do extractions, I try to "hide" from the world for a few days, until I can get rid of the scabs and be more comfortable with people seeing me. So I let the scabs heal and drank tons and tons of water, got all my vitamins everyday, acv, carrot juice and fish oils as well, bought some zinc supplements and even some pineapple juice since I read that's good for healing cuts.

I noticed the one that was tough to extract left a pretty large red bump around the scab that I actually felt pain when I added pressure to it. I thought maybe there was more to push out but I didn't want to break the skin again and figured I'd see a nice head once the scab fell off if I was correct.

After a few days, I started to pick off the dead skin around the center of the scabs and one of the scabs came off pretty easily. I honestly don't mind PIH as much as scabs so I rather redness for a week or so than a nasty unatural looking scab that I give excuses to people on why I have a nasty scab on my face. >_<

So yesterday it came down to the scab from the blackhead that was hard to extract. It came off pretty easily after I washed my face and left a little bit of a redmark. So from where the fingernail mark was, to the bottom of where the actual blackhead scab was, there's a BIG dark red/purple circle formed there. This is my first rodeo, so I know this will fade for me within about a week or so. But the unfortunate thing is that the bump is still there. :[

The bump seems alot smaller now, but very smooth, painless but also seems like it could be permanent. Has anyone else experienced this? I really can't afford to have a raised scar next to my nose like this. I would love some advice on how I can treat it so that it completely flattens out with my skin. I'm hoping it's just layers of dead skin waiting to shed off over time.

If someone can help me out, I would really appreciate it, thank you!

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eh bud if you ask me, the best thing you can do is to leave it alone. & moisturize that bump like a nazi. moisturized skin heals faster and better than dry skin. let me know how it goes. goodluck bro

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Thanks for your response.

I will keep some moisturizer on that area if you think that's what I should do...but what about Neosporin? I bought some this past week but didn't end up using it. Is Neosporin any good for PIH?

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i usually just keep it as simple as possible. i dont add unnecessary chemicals to my face, i just apply moisturizer like mofo. Just let your skin heal itself. less is more bro

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