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Reduce antibiotic resistance non-inflammed

So I used to apply 2% BHA morning and night then put moisturiser over the top. I also took one lymecycline antibiotic to keep my inflammatory acne under control. This kept me 99% clear, with only a few non-inflammed spots, but you couldn't really see them at all. I have now developed some resistance to the lymecycline so my doctor has switched me to doxycycline.

This seems to be working well for my inflammatory acne, but since I developed antibiotic resistance to the lymecycline my doctor said its best I use benzoyl peroxide to reduce the chance of resistance while on minocycline. Because i'm using BHA once in morning and BP at night now I have millions of non-inflammed bumps. I really need to be exfoliating twice a day.

I wanted to see if theres any sort of exfoliator as good as BHA that is able to reduce antibiotic resistance of the bacteria? If anyone knows of anything like this that would be great.

p.s. I used to use Diacneal but it didn't really do anything for me. So i'm thinking its not as good as BHA for me.

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I'd recommend either mandelic acid or one of the Vivant vitamin A products (Derm A Gel or Exfol-A). Mandelic is antibacterial and works in a somewhat similar fashion as BHAs. It also exfoliates the surface of the skin, which helps with clogged pores. The Vivant Vitamin A products contain vitamin A proprionate and AHAs (lactic acid in Derm A Gel and lactic+ glycolic in the Exfol-A). And BHA doesn't reduce antibiotic resistance - its not antibacterial. However, the benzoyl peroxide does.

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Thanks for the information I have tried retinoids and AHAs before but none were as good as using BHAs twice daily. Do you think I could get away with using a higher % benzoyl peroxide? As I only use a 2.5% one. Say I used a 10% or 5% 3 nights a week with BHA in the mornings, do you think this could work? As my skin is flawless with BHA morning and night but i'm worried about my inflammed acne coming back when the antibiotics stop working. I have heard some good and bad things about mandelic acid. It is a AHA but has BHA properties right?

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