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How to add AHA into the Regimen?

After a brief couple of weeks of minor break outs, my skin is back to being relatively clear - after I actually LOWERED the amount of BP. Using anymore than 1/2 pump at a time just seems to make my skin break out and lotion doesn't go on as well, either.

That aside, I got my Alpha Hydrox Cream in the mail yesterday. I know Dan says to use it occasionally after using BP, but it just seems weird to me?

My acne is often mild, though on occasion, becomes "moderate".

Do I apply BP, wait for it to dry, apply AHA, wait...then moisturize? Has anyone had success with replacing their morning BP with AHA? Anybody put it on BEFORE BP? Any initial breakouts with it?

Also, I did a patch last night and didn't get the tingling, burning or redness that everyone talks about. Is my skin already used to it or is it just not working?

How well does it work?

Any other AHA advice?


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If you've been on The Regimen for at least a month, you can start off by using the AHA two or three times a week, in place of your regular moisturizer. The AHA is formulated to be moisturizing, so you shouldn't need to use the moisturizer afterward (although some people do choose to double up).

Most people do use the AHA after the BP, but there are a few that have use it before (myself included--I didn't notice much of a difference between using it before or after, other than the fact that when I'd apply the AHA before the BP, the BP would get really watery feeling and take longer to apply).

If you didn't feeling any burning or stinging with the AHA, just consider yourself one of the lucky few. Not everybody feels it, but that doesn't mean the product's not working. You just lucked out. ; )

And some people do purge when they add the AHA into their regimen. It's unfortunate, but any breakouts should clear up pretty quickly, so try not to worry about it.

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This is late, but thanks for the response. However, after contacting both Neoteric Cosmetics and a derm, I was told to use it before because it supposedly increases the absorbancy of the BP if AHA is used beforehand...at least that's what I was told.

Also, I noticed that in using it first, the BP actually takes me LESS time to apply and seems to absorb more quickly without me having to rub it in for so long.

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