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I've been using 10 grams of pantothenic acid a day for over a week now. When I started my skin seemed to be very less oily. Infact, it seemed to be clearing up dramatically. It's now day 9 and my skin is breaking out and it feels oily again. I'm not sure if this is due to an initial breakout or perhaps the effectiveness is just wearing off very quickly. Maybe I'm one of the few who won't be treated successfully with B5. When should the initial breakout occur? If I resume the treatment will I eventually see pantothenic acid's benefits? Am I just experiencing the initial breakout right now? Also i've been pooping liquid for about four days, is that normal as well? Should I be concerned or is that just normal? I'm aware that diarrhea is a side effect but it has been quite consistent. What should I do? Should I continue and do you think i'll have success if I do?

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Diarrhea after a few days is normal, but it should only last a few days (as about 4 for me in fact). I'd say if its continuing for more than a week, then stay off it a bit and see if all goes back to normal.

Are you taking any other supplements ? As some of these in my experience interfere with B5 (Biotin mainly for me, but lots of people say its good to prevent hair loss, so mileage may vary).

If you've only been on it just over a week, I'd guess its an initial breakout, so really you've got to hang in there. Sounds like everything is pretty much normal so far.

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seems to me you're beginning to sound desperate

you just started a new regimen, don't be so hasty to cancel or continue. if you were to quit at a regimen due to no instant results, there'd be no end to regimens!

don't take it as a miracle drug that will erase all your problems. including the b5, you should be eating healthy, avoid foods that cause you to personally breakout (not foods that make other people break out, YOU and only you), exercising, sleeping right, have good hygiene, wash your face without irritation, etc.

eh you know the drill, i'm just regurgitating what you know already probably.

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