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Personal Log: Using Lemon O.O

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using lemon, and I jsut started.

I first have to say....

OWWWW IT BURNS....well I'm kinda exaggerating, its not TOO bad.

I hope it will make my pores smaller and diminish my blackheads :D

I'll keep everyone up to date.

So far I use about half a lemon.

I squeeze the juice out and put it on my face.

And then I take the lemon and rub it over (so as to get all teh juice I can get out of it).

Wait 15-20 minutes

and rinse off with cool water.

Done everyday (maybe I should do it twice but I think I should just stay to one day for now).

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Guest fatman_uk

LOLOLOL, didn't last long with it, like me. :D

Tough break man, u could try dilutin it tho?

I can't have it full stop, i think im allergic to citric acid. :D


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Allergic to citric acid? :D

A lot of things have citric acid! lol..

Hmm well I'm going to wait for the redness to go away first...

Evil blackheads I will do anything to get rid of them :twisted: :D

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