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what should i do?

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i've been taken Accutane for about two months, 20mg/day. no other medicine. but i dont think it worked.

should i add the amount each day? should i take any Antibiotics. i live in a small town in china,there is not a good hospital.i buy medicine using the internet.

here is my photo.


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So there a couple things I would like to say.

Number one-Buying accutane over the internet can be pretty dangerous, a lot of times people get fake meds that don't even work and can even be dangerous to your health and well-being

Number two- On accutane a lot of people don't see even minor results till the third month.

So if it was me I wouldn't trust buying it on the internet....

but good luck in w/e you decide to do and on your journey to get rid of acne


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I agree with the person above. Do not expect to see results only after 2 months plus you're a low dosage. I am on 80/mg a day and this is my 4th month and I am still breaking out. My face is nowhere near clear. In fact I worry whether this is going to work or not because I thought I would see some improvement by now. But I am still going to wait it out and pray for things to clear up soon! You should not worry about being clear this early in the stage. You have got a long way more to go so just be patient.

Also it's not safe to buy accutane off the internet. There is a thread on here about buying accutane online you should look at

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I don't know what the laws are in China, but in the United States (where this website is based), buying Accutane without a prescription is illegal, so this thread is closed pending moderator discussion.

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