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9 years of acne

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Hello, Ive had pretty bad acne since I was 13 and am now 22 and still do. Having acne for so long, Ive pretty much mastered what makes me break out and what doesn't, So I thought I'd share a little of me experience with you.

1. Stress

I used to get stressed out easy and was always nervous, after reading the affects of stress and acne I decided to try and reduce my stress. This was very hard to do specially for a guy who naturally gets stressed easy, but when I did it, my acne situation improved ALOT!! The trick to reducing my stress was a mind game, I tricked myself into thinking I didn't care about the situation, So when a stressful situation came up I just said to myself, whatever, no big deal. After a few months of doing this I began to believe it, and now I don't get stressed about too much any more. Though a few weeks ago, a big project was coming up in which I was in charge of, I kept my cool until the day of the project came and there were some problems, I couldn't help but to be stressed. That day I broke out worse than I have in a long time which strengthens my belief that stress is major contributor to acne, at least my acne.

2. Sugar

I wish it wasn't true, but sugar is really bad for acne, And most of us are addicted to it, I know I am! And what makes it even worse, sugar is in EVERYTHING! When I eliminate sugar from my diet my face gets really smooth and bump free, and when I say eliminate, I'm not just talking about the obvious like soda, cookies, candy, doughnuts, I'm talking about all refined sugar that's in canned goods such as baked beans and in pretty much all boxed and man made foods and juices. basically if it says sugar on the box as an ingredient, don't eat it! I also break out from eating alot of bread which your body converts to sugar supposedly.

3. Dairy

When I eat alot of dairy (cheese, milk, ice cream) I break out, and its usually the really deep bumps that hurt to the touch. I've read that dairy is packed with hormones which I read that high hormone levels cause acne, I don't really know but I know I break out from it. I also noticed the acne I develop from dairy lasts really long.

4. Greasy foods

Burgers, fries, pizza, chips etc When I eat alot of greasy foods I break out, plus I just don't feel healthy inside when consuming them, I feel dirty and greasy inside, and on my face, which I imagine clogs your pores.

Other things I've learned

1.Eating alot of salty food causes me to break out.

2.Avoid letting your face get too warm/hot When I rinse with hot water I get a few pimples sometimes or if I have the heat blaring in the car, I'm not really sure why, but maybe it has some of the same affects of stress? so I always rinse my face with luke warm water or even cool, and I try to avoid my face getting too warm.

3.Drink alot of water.

4.Eat alot of green vegetables.

5.No skin products, just wash with a bar of soap in the morning and a bar of soap in the shower at night

After a week of eliminating these foods from my diet, my face completely stops breaking out and is really smooth, but the problem is staying with the diet! I tried this diet many times and I always end up failing to stick with it. I'll say, "ahh, just one cookie won't hurt I've done really good I deserve a treat" maybe so, but one leads to 2 to 3 etc then after 3 or 4 I'll Say, "I failed, I might as well eat whatever now" and I go back to my old ways. And the other thing is my acne scars, even when my face is smooth and bump free my acne scars make it look as if I'm really broken out, which then gets me down and in the "give up attitude" But I know if I stick with it, my acne and scars will be gone, I just have to stay acne free long enough for my scars to heal, which is part of the reason I'm writing this, I'm going to try this diet again and stick to it this time (yeah right) I figure I can come back and read my own words to motivate me to keep going and not cheat this time.

So I really urge you to give this an honest try as well, I have no doubt in my mind it will clear you up. The first week you may still be breaking out from all the garbage that's still in your body, but after that the breakouts will go away.

I know your probably thinking, WTH am I suppose to eat? That's the other hard part of it, sugar and dairy is in just about everything, so its really hard to find foods without it. some recommendations though, fruit, vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, fish, chicken, venison alot of home cooked meals without the upper^ included I guess. I know this diet is very hard to stick to specially if your not the one buying the groceries or when your with your friends and they stop at the fast food joint, but wouldn't it be awesome to be 100% acne free, sounds like heaven to me!!!

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