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Vitamin C Question

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i tried to search some things about your query. I couldn't find anything under bioflavanoids allergy except that they INTENSIFY the effects of Vitamin C. (I'm not sure if it potentiates everything that's in Vit C or whether it's only in certain ions which is in Vit. C , but bioflavanoids actually help in allergy issues).

"Citrus Bioflavonoids provide natural antiviral, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties. Certain types of bioflavonoid are useful for fighting free radical damage, infections, and viruses such as the common cold. They have also been used to help reduce the effects of the symptoms associated with respiratory conditions and allergies."(NutraLegacy)

"There is a misconception that it is the citric acid in citrus fruits that causes allergies, but it is proteins and substances specific to citrus fruit, and not the acid." (eHow Medical treatments)


-have you started taking them? if your previous allergy reactions are similar to what you experience when taking them, it could be. But a professional could advise you on whether it is. I'm sorry I couldn't add more. But your history on allergies and your immune system should be seen by an actual doctor, as some systemic reactions are quite deadly. TC

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Thanks for your help. I guess I was more looking to see if anyone who had actually had a citrus allergy could share their personal experience or knowledge.

I have actually started taking NOW foods 500 mg vit C w/ citrus bioflavanoids. So far everything seems fine, I don't necessarily think that I have a citrus allergy, it's just another one of those things that I am not sure if it plays in or not for me.

If it's true that they intensify the effects of vit C, then awesome!

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