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Do any of you have trouble looking people in the e

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli


Doing that will make it worse.

You being comfortable with yourself can only help.

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I don't have many scars but I just wanted to add that if you have confidence, people will barely even notice. If you're cowering away from them, they'll take more notice. You might as well be confident and hold your head high. It's a lot easier said than done though.

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thinking to mush can kill me, some times I spend to m.

time thinking about my acne, and it isn't really that bad.

In the back of my head I know I am q-good looking

but it doesn't help, and I feel like shit, and it makes

me feel looking like shit 2. when I have day like

this I don't look at anyone, I only look at my own

stupid mirror

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I used to have problems at times, but now I realize that if they don't accept my scars then I don't really give a fig what they think. :mrgreen:

Of course, I have vulnerable days just like everyone.

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Well I don't have much scars, only a few small ones but if my acne has a bad day, I don't look people in the eye, especially when I'm meeting new persons.

Don't know why that is, I just can't. If anybody comes to close I take a step back or I'll try to draw the attention to something else. But like Jim said also depends on the person whom I'm talking to.

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Thanks for askin biggrin.gif

I did my 3rd peel last monday, and my face went really red, thought it was goin to stay like that but thankully it went away

stil not seein any improvment in the red marks from the peels, but i suppose it will take much longer than 3 peels smile.gif

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But....if you don't look people in the eye it tends to give them more of an excuse to look at your skin because they think you don't notice. When I look people in the eye I make sure they're looking into my eyes too :wink:

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my scars are so messed up everyone looks at me, i feel like shit when kids or girls look at me you know? but when lads look at me i get so angry, cos they usually humiliate me infront of their friends, so i give them a beating.

apart from that though, i walk with my head down and avoid eye contact with everyone,its easier that way.

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