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Should I mousterize???

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i went to the derm today after my first month of accutane, he said to make sure i do not moisterize my face because doing so will hide the full results of the accutane, should i listen to him or does that sound kind of odd that he would be saying that?

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Did your derm get his qualification inside a cereal box?

Go to another derm who knows their stuff now!!

Accutane is a serious drug, and if your derm is saying stuff like that, can you trust him to monitor your health properly??

You must keep very very very very very well moisturized and drink LOADS of water. It can dry out internal cells also! DRINK & Moisturize should constantly be running through your head

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Maybe he meant that if you moisturize, you won't be able to tell when the Accutane starts affecting your sebum production? But because Accutane affects your sebum production, your skin is going to get dry, so you'll need to moisturize.

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Choose a good, basic moisturizer too. With spf in it, as your going to be super sensitive to the sun.

I am going to try the Cetaphil Spf 50 (better than their SPF 15 because its a physical barrier, not an absorption barrier like the 15)

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I took accutane 2 years ago and im still clear to this day, id attempt to always keep my face moisturized with a good moisturizer, i used Glaxal Base i loved it dry skin sucks and it really did the job keeping it feeling fresh *moderator edit* ahaha.

Moisturizing is really good for your skin i still do it to do this day so dont listen to your derm hes an idiot jsut be glad u got the accutane and youll be clear just ask your questions on here instead of your retarded derm.

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