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Are there any prescription medicines that get rid of comedonal acne?

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Has anyone seen a dermatologist? What would one usually prescribe?

Most of the stuff you guys advise me to use is weak OTC products . . . So, is there no stand-out Accutane counterpart for comedonal acne? Antibiotics perhaps?

What would a derm prescribe?

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I wouldn't have thought so, I doubt many GPs would prescribe any medication for blackheads though. I went on a course of anti-biotics for two years that got rid of all my inflamed acne, but nothing for my blackheads/clogged pores.

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I've had really bad comedonal acne for about 2 months I know how stubborn and annoying this is! Well, i found a solution for me ...this is my routine

1. Take 2 evening primrose oil capsules

2.take 1 zinc pill after your first meal (you'll get nauseous if taken on an empty stomach)

3. Wash your face with st.ives exfoliating wash (pink lemon and mandarin orange scrub)

4. Then apply biore deep pore charcoal cleanser

5.then mix apple cider vinager ( I recommend Braggs cause its organic and hasn't been tampered with) mix it 50 % water and 50 % acv

6. Mid day take two teaspoons of acv orally

with in a week u should see improvement with in two weeks it's almost gone !!!

Trust me mine was horrible I had at least 60 closed comedomes on each side! And now I only have about 8 on each side :) it's only my second week ...hope this works for you !

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