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does flaxseed oil break you out?

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ive heard of a lot of people breaking out from taking fish oil, but not as much from flaxseed oil. i was taking fish oil for a while and think it may have broken me out too but its hard to tell, i battle acne constantly anyway no matter what i do. but when taking the fish oil i was feeling mentally better..more focused, less ocd, anxiety, and depression! for me its worth it to take it, I think i really benefit from omegas. but i dont want to break out either that adds to my emotional/ mental problems too. so should i try the flaxseed oil? experiences with it?

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I break out from flaxseeds, soy, and dairy. I remember others mentioning that flaxseeds broke them out. It's not surprising considering that flaxseeds have a ridiculously high phytoestrogen content. Since i'm a guy, i'm staying the hell away from flaxseed oil. That stuff turns rancid very easily as well.

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I have been using flaxseed oil for about a month now and my acne hasn't changed. Ya i still break out but no diff from when i wasnt taking it so it doesnt affect me. Everyone is diff so you won't know till you try') I think its good, has that buttery taste and good for toast with breakfast.

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