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red mark left after every spot!

I seriously cant take my life anymore everytime i get a spot it leaves a red hideous mark i actually prefer spots to the marks now so far i have used the following products which havent helped in anyway

Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera

Extra virgin Olive oil(helped a tiny bit)

[Bio oil (didnt help)/b]

Sudocream- made me break out

i am currently using a cream called fade out but i have heared alot of bad reviews of it so far/ so im dissapointed as my mother bought me the cream beforehand.


also has anybody ever gotton rid of their marks? and how did you do this?

thanks :surprised:

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hey mate, the biggest thing that helped me was a glycolic acid cream. it really helped an overall glow of my skin and i was amazed how quick red marks died off. however i think it broke me out more in small white heads around my chin, so i stopped using it. :(

then i tried BHA salicylic acid and that dried out my face to much and it took 7 days for it to stop crusting and peeling.

now i use a mild face exfoliator like once a week or when ever my skin looks like dead skin cells are ready to flake off.

time is the only cure. of course you will never get rid of the red marks if you keep breaking out...

so try and solve that first.

the sun helps since it will speed up healing time and mask the marks more by giving your face a more even skin tone.

if you have the cash then you could look into a dermaclear britebox acne lamp.

if you find anything that works quicker let me know.

i tend to use germolene on my face and that helps a lot.

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Same things happens to me.

You have to exfoliate either with ACV, Dan's AHA or with Retin-A.

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