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Have this red mark after popped pimple, scar has been there for a long time.

Well I had a pimple right on my forehead, it turned into a whitehead, and I popped it, but I saw what seemed to be a deeper whitehead in it, so I kind of picked at that for bout five minutes. After that I washed it out with warm water, then probably put on toothpaste to dry it out. Didn't really think much of it, couple weeks go by, it's ok, then it heals up, I see a red somewhat raised acne scar. I go to my dermatologist and he tells me it will go away with time. It has somewhat faded, but is still red, and stands out still, and it's been about 2 1/2-3 years, and it's still there!!!!! The color changes sometimes, for example after my face it will be red, or after the shower it will die down in color, and somewhat blend it. It kind of kills my life because I don't like to get close to people, because they will notice it, and I just want it to be gone already, because I'm tired of waiting for it.

Well here's a description: in middle of forehead, pigmentation is a pinkish, line goes right through it, in horizontal way (guess because this is my forehead line), and it's a little raised.

Included are some pictures, sorry they are not that good, my camera isn't the best.

Also if anyone could tell me how I could get rid of the discoloration, and maybe allow it to blend it with skin. Hopefully no one says surgery, because that's what my dermatologist said before, and I think that's not the answer.

And Yes I Know I Have A Pimple Right Next To That Scar Thingie, It's Nasty, I'm Sorry.post-115259-1256618068_thumb.jpgpost-115259-1256618083_thumb.jpg post-115259-1256618075_thumb.jpg

Thanks I'm sorry, but please help!

Oh yes, and I was also thinking about buying the Aqua Glycolic 3 Piece Facial Pack from drugstore.com to help this go away, and also maybe help my skin a little bit, I could probably fit it in with my Oxy Face Wash, Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer, Clindamycin Phosphate, and Retin-A Gel 0.025%. Of course I'd probably substitute the Facial Cleanser for the Oxy Fash Wash, but the rest I'd probably keep using with the Aqua Glycolic facial pack.




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So the scar seems to be raised, with what would seem to be skin on the outside creating a little border. Now I'm thinking I may need to get microdermabrasion, or a facial peel or something to get this removed, any other opinions? I mean the options I'm considering right now are expensive, and I'm probably going consult a dermatologist for this, but that will takes weeks, maybe even months, can any please give me advice now? Sorry for bumping my own thread, but it's be awhile and still no reply from anyone......

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