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The right side of things

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Do any of you have a problem with acne or *gunk* always being on the right side of your face?

In particular next to my nose and under my eye, theres an area that always looks *puffy* and when i look in the mirror its always riddled with a few little black heads and tiny tiny white bumps. I'm able to squeeze these areas and *gunk* comes out of the pores. The same area on the left side of my face is totally clear, and my pores aren't visible. The right side of my face seems to always be susceptible to acne as well, but lately i haven't had any inflamed bumps, just the patchy/puffy right side. Over time i've pretty much stopped getting inflamed bumps, but i'll get one every now n then.

My diet is pretty simple, mainly consists of white rice and baked chicken, and on most days its spagetti. I stick with this because it doesn't give me inflamed bumps.

i dont use any chemicals on my face and i wash with peppermint soap every morning and night before i go to bed, and i apply jojoba oil on my face.

I am justn ot understanding this *gunk* that forms.

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Get some fruits and vegetables. Vary your diet. Cut down on the spaghetti.

I suggest trying Mandelic Acid, its anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, evens skin tone, and shrinks pores.

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