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Is this gross?

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Before I took accutane, I needed to religiously shower and wash my hair every day. Sometimes I would even shower twice a day I felt so oily always.

Now, I am in my second month of accutane and I am REALLY dry. I only wash my hair once a week now, and sometimes my skin feels so tight and dry that I sometimes shower every other day.

I know that sounds sooo gross, but my skin is producing no oils and I don't want to dry it even more! Is anyone else guilty of this? Please tell me i'm not the only one... :confused:

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But im starting to get cracks in my skin when I shower my body everyday, even with moisturizer! It's painful.

Perhaps i'm not using the right soap or moisturizer, or maybe it's because my house has hard water. Can someone recommend some good products for REALLY dry skin?

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I've never taken Accutane, but I don't think it's necessary to shower every day. If you feel more comfortable showering every other day, I don't see why that would be a problem (as long as you aren't stinky--lol).

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hey this happened to me! i went from washing my hair everyday to every 3 days it was great!! my skin was really dry also, I would get a good all over moisteriser and use it after u shower or baby oils really good too!! im now off roaacutane a month now and the oil is back twice as bad!! my face is so oily and im bck 2 washing my hair everyday! enjoy it while it lasts! lol

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Aww, lydzxxx. That sucks. :(

JuneBug86, I agree with C'est. As long as you're not smelly or grimey, there's nothing wrong with not bathing every single day, especially if it's causing you pain. Vaseline Intensive Care is a good lotion to put on after bathing. Curel and Nivea also make good deep penetrating lotions. Don't use it sparingly. Slather that stuff on. :) Sally Hansen makes a wonderful foot cream for cracked heels that can double as a body lotion. It's thick stuff.

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