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yeah, the loneliness is tough. As far as not having a girlfriend, it's been so long for me that I don't really have any good advice. Besides, why would you take it from someone it obviously hasn't worked for?


music and computers are my refuge, and writing... it's amazing, but I've found that once you're able to get your emotions out on paper, you can at least understand them and have a better chance of dealing with them. hope that helps.

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For me it really sucked because you know my acne looked super good for the time in a long time around christmas. I was on like cloud 9 because you know I could get a gf and just go out and enjoy myself. Then right after that I got minefielded or got mines all over my face known as huge ass zits. Now its been 6 months and I hope I will clear up before I start school next year. Damn I can't go to college and just be depressed all I time I will be nuts.

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Listen - when I had bad acne, it meant i couldnt use my strikingly handsome face to appeal to girls. So, i saw the silver lining and worked on my personality to appeal to them. It didnt help at the time, but when i cleared up (as you will) it meant I had a new weapon in my already magnificently stocked arsenal. I hope you see my point - i know i do. :whistle:

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