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Looks aren't everything

"Looks aren't everything" :rolleyes:

I met a girl last night at a party, who totally said "looks come second". We laughed and talked the whole night, and told me how much fun she was having, she really liked me, blah blah blah. Guess what? Totally left with a guy, who I admit, was pretty damn good looking. Ironic? Nahhhhhh.

Were you flirting with you? For real here, if she is talking with you "the whole night" mate she was waiting for you to start escalating and kiss her. She left with another guy because you didn't get the hint :)

Stuff she probably did:

* Touched you for a moment (anywhere - your hair, hand, arm, shoulder, ...) or even held touch (eg, shoulder to shoulder as you were talking with her), ...

* Sat closer to you during the night

* Twirled her hair

* Stared right into your eyes at times

... the list goes on - were you paying attention? :)

Trust me mate; she would not have been sitting there talking with you for that long if she was not (sexually) interested in you. Let me know what she did that you only realise happened now :)

You've got to be kidding me. My birthday's in 10 days, and guess what, I'll be fifteen! That means I'll receive my permit after passing the test, and I'll be able to drive. Guess I'll have to wait a few weeks and reply again. I'm sure my views will change a lot in that time period. :rolleyes:

No offense intended; but you will definitely change your perception and understanding of the world and everything in it several times during your lifetime - I've changed mine a few times already, and I am only 22 (and I know I am not finished yet). So if you think you know everything at this moment, you're wrong :)

Yes of course your opinion is valid (and I am not trying to discredit it with this response), I just wanted to highlight what a few of the others were trying to convey in a better way :) .

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Erm i am actually thinking ACTUALLY looks are everything. Ya we should not lie to ourselves. Looks in the sense that not extreme beauty or whatever but looking decent and normal. Because of these spots or 'dented' skin we from time to time are ill-treated by people. That should not be the case. Argh.....

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