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I wear makeup, Im a guy in highschool and I need help bad!

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Hey, I'm an 18 year-old male and I understand your predicament.

However, I REALLY think you should not put on makeup, simply for the reason that it will haunt you when a large number of people begin to find out. Using a spray-on tan sounds like a great idea though.

Why don't you go on Accutane? You can still cover your spots with the makeup/tanning while taking it.

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Ya I'm pretty sure the tanning is working, my back acne is clearing up pretty nicely and my face acne has gone flat for the most part. I still have some red acne bumps but not like b4. The reason I tan isn't for the color it is because the UVA rays dry my acne out which i think it is doing. the color is a bonus i guess. and you can't tan while on tane because you will burn very easily.

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hey! so i read your post and ive been there, i hate sitting next to people to close and things like that because i have acne it sucks. but if i know one thing its that tanning does nothing to make it better. i use to tan CONSTANTLY and yes it seemed to help clear my acne for the time being but it doesnt stay that way. In the long run it only makes your sking worse, i went to a medical spa and got a picture of my skin from tanning, yes it was horrific and i havent been in a bed since! and it definately causes pre-mature aging which who the hell wants to get old? ya know. but i'm in the same boat im 20 and i have had acne since i was 12, i'm going on monday to talk to my dermatologist about going on accutane. It doesnt sound like your acne is horrible at this point and neither is mine, i have bumps and have a few bigger ones here and there and i was recommended from alot of people to take accutane but not take the extreme dose, just do what is right for your skin. I also hear that it helps with the oil! I'm ready to give it a try i have avoided it for so long but i really want to have clear skin and its not worth the suffering anymore, maybe you should reconsider to :) good luck with everything! and dont worry about those tools at school there most likely just jerk offs that are jealous, highschool is lame anyway after it you wont even remember those kids!

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Prevent your acne before smearing a pound of pancake makeup on to cover it, it's only gonna make it worse.

:whistle: Fact.

so true. it's a vicious cycle. get a few little zits, slather on the makeup, make your acne WORSE by doing this and have to put on even more makeup...i try to get away with just concealer and oil-absorbing powder now. the acne heals so much faster when you let your skin breathe.

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ok, so i used to be in the same spot you are, and it SUCKS. and it is SOOO hard to find good advice on makeup as a guy.

now I teach for paul mitchel.

dermablend is bar far the VERY BEST recomendation you've gotten so far.

things you should know about dermablend:

it is a cream, and WILL require a setting powder

it actually looks better as you sweat, its VERY convincing, durrable, and yes, totally waterproof, but like all makeup, it will RUB off, its still not a latex cover.

its kind of expensive, about $30 a can depending on where you live

it will NOT clog your pores, but knock offs WILL

its called spackle by a LOT of people becuase it can be applied heavier in sections to cover scars, it was actually created for burn victims, it will cover just about anything.

your skin needs to be able to handle an exfoliant about EVERY day to get it all the way off. seriously. i recommend the use of a WATER BASED makeup remover, but it will still take you a MINUTE to get it off, (minute is an exageration)

dermablend is sold at the este lauder counter in macy's as well as a number of other outlets, but if you have a macy's near you I recomend you go there, and ask for help picking out the right color for a perfect match.

if you think a cream based makeup is a bad idea for you, then i would consider the clinique mens line for facial products, and don't toss out a fake tan, clinique has an amazing, non-comedogenic (it won't clog your pores) cream bronzer, it takes some practice to learn to put it on right, but its one of the VERY best bronzers for men, though kind of pricy, but coppertone offers a spray tanner thats affordable, and effective, but takes longer to generate results that you will notice

i would also suggest that you make SURE you use a moisturizer before you apply makeup, and after you take it off (if its not acne treating, at least make sure it says that it is non-comedogenic on the bottle (best word to look for it the product will touch your face)

anyway, no where near enough time to type all the advice I'd like to offer, but if you need to get ahold of me my contact info should be on my profile, if its not showing up my email is [email protected]

best of luck

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Thanks all! =D, and not sure if you can read or not but I said I got to the point where I can't go out of the house without it. It's bad I know but that's also a 'fact'. Anyways I will probably go on tane but I want you guys to see my face because apparently I might have more marks than acne? I'm confused at this point, I'll keep you guys posted. The spray setting sounds interesting and I will definately look into it. Keep the replies coming guys =D.

i agree with the others about the setting spray. if you feel the makeup is looking too powdery, a setting spray can help with hydration and also with adhering to the skin. you can make your own if you don't wanna spend the $$ for fix+. there are videos on youtube if you're interested in that. good luck : )

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Definitely stay away from mousses. They tend to be cakey and thick feeling IMO. If foundation is what you use, I'd get a liquid foundation because they absorb into your skin more... and set that with mineral powder. Mineral powder will keep the foundation in place so it doesn't drip and smudge. And definitely mix some moisturizer in with your makeup/put it on before. It'll prep your skin for it ^____^

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Lately ive been using a little bit of conclear, tinted moisturizer, and some translucent (invisible) anti-shine setting powder. It seems to be working very nice, and it looks more natural now that ive incorporated the setting powder, not to mention i get way less oily throughout the day. I dont have much active acne, maybe 1 real zit and a few tiny ones at a time, but i have uneven skin tone (ive been on ziana for 2 months now) and quite a bit not very severe red marks. Seriously though, this trio gives me a lot of confidence and doesnt take to long to apply, and yes I am a Male. I dont look like a drag queen, its basically the "normal est" looking makeup in my opinion.

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dude, i feel for you, but I feel for your dad even more! Were men son and we tan outside playing sports, drinking beers, and kickin it. we don't wear makeup, (I have used the tinest amount to spot treat for like a date but everyday???) stop that shit immediatly!! who cares if you have acne, look around, plenty of others do as well. The last thing you need for your self esteem is having everyone call you "fake and cake" [mod edit - inappropriate comment removed] . If your afraid of accutane, which i don't blame you, start a retin-a. Ive been using it for about 8 weeks now and its made a huge difference. but fo' real, what would your viking brothers have to say about this?

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