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not sure about accutane

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hey guys i'm new to this site and i just wanted some feed back on accutane good or bad. I'm getting mixed reviews but i'm really tempted to try it out. My acne is only on my face and it's not to severe but it is moderate and I have been dealing with it since I was 12, I'm now 20 and I need something to work! i have tried everything, every over the counter product every medication everything you name I most likely have tried. Nothing will just make it go away completely! I feel like my last resort is accutane but I was curious if anyone had some feedback about accutane for my case or even more tips on how to clear my skin without accutane! thankss :)

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First, a competent dermatologist must determine whether you are a candidate for isoretonin (accutane) or not. Second, many will relate horror stories about accutane and how it caused them to get everything from depression to ingrown toenails and that it is a horrible drug that will screw up your life forever. Third, others will praise it to the hilt.

Here are the facts as I see them: Not everyone responds to isoretonin equally. There can be harmful side effects but most people do not experience these. You will be monitored for side effects and treatment will cease if the side effects prove to be too much. Not everyone is helped by it, just the vast majority who take it. Sometimes several courses of isoretonin treatment are required before the acne will be arrested (not cured, in my opinion acne is never cured).

Right now isoretonin is taken by tens of thousands of people everyday all over the planet, and the vast majority report very good if not miraculous results. Right now it is the best thing we have to fight severe acne. I hope that something better comes along in the future, but until that happens isoretonin is the biggest and I believe best gun in our arsenal to fight this insidious and wretched disease known as acne.

Good luck to you,

Joe Zit

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Here's something you can try. You mentioned you have tried nearly all sort of medication and none gave you result that you desired. Try watching your diet carefully (nutritional intake is most important). Seek to improve bad habit and enforce healthy and clean habit. It won't be a quick process as it takes time for results to show but the end result is well worth it for you will be receiving not only healthy skin but body as well. For topical cream, you should aim to avoid chemical constituents and use healthier alternatives such as all natural Aloe Vera gel or Apple Cider Vinegar. Good luck!

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I had to get off accutane one week in because of the trouble sleeping and a lot of minor side effects like red face, bad night vision, headaches, unusual tiredness. But everyone's different if you haven't tried everything out then I suggest go for it.

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Accutane is a very serious drug with a lot of benefits and could potentially have many side effects. I would discuss it with your dermatologist to see if you are a candidate. Express your frustration over acne and how you have tried so many drugs in the past. The thing is with every drug there are the potential of serious side effects, but they are rare and do not happent to most people. Many people will swear by accutane and how it changed their lives. Also if you do decide to take accutane be mindful of any symptoms that you have and the monthly blood tests will alert the dermatologist of any internal problems that you may have. So while the side effects may be worrisome, the doctor will monitor your symptoms by the blood tests and your own self-reports. Good luck to you and with your future decision.

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thank you all so much for the information! I had a dermo appt. for next monday and I'm sure she will give me her opinion on what she thinks is best. I have done alot of reading up on accutane and yes some good and some bad but I guess i'm at the point where I'm frustrated and just want it gone.! Thanks for the pointers on other things i could try to help out my skin! everyone on this site seems so great and helpful, i'm glad i found a place where people are going through the same thing as me. thanks again :)

and good luck to anyone still trying! i'm right there with you

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You should just do it..tane cleared me up and my only side effect was chapped lips.

Yea i'm going on monday i really think im going to do it, im ready to be clear once and for all, hopefully ill react the same way that you did. thanks for the input :)

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