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Hey everyone,

I'm new, but I've been following the forums for a while. I've tried a few methods of getting rid of my acne in addition to the antibiotics and cream I'm using. These include water and no diary and all that fun stuff ;) But all the while I've been trying these things, I've had a problem with picking and popping whiteheads. My methods haven't worked all that well, but my acne is pretty mild so it's difficult to notice.

Anyways, I'm going to try the obvious method of keeping my acne under control and I'm going to stop picking/popping.

My only question is, if a whitehead accidently breaks while I am showering or washing my face with warm water or something like that, will it have a negative effect on my face like if I had popped it? I am doing a good job to avoid popping them, but when I shave, shower, or wash my face, my whiteheads can break open and I'm worried that it is causing some negative effects.

I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I would appreciate it if someone could help me out :)


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No actually its different cause squeezing them yourself you are putting pressure and trauma on the skin which will cause swelling and may push the infection deeper in the skin,if it drains itself from washing your face or in the shower that is the best way then it will clear up.

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