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Yesterday, I reached a new low. I called my boss and told him I needed a few days off. The truth is I was getting ready for work and what I saw in the mirror disgusted me so much I can't let it leave the house. I'm talking about my face. I'm so ashamed of how I look I can't bring myself to leave. I don't know if i'm ever going to feel ok about going outside and letting people look at my face anymore.

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thats exactly why i took accutane...i cant function with acne. I feel depressed 24/7, never want to do anything, cant work!

acne sucks

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i've done the same thing i just couldent stand the way my face looked & the hell with letting anyone seeing me i wouldent even answer the phone when i was broke out i just sit in my house & hide

like the post berfore me i went on accutane & it cleared me up but within a month of finishing my course i was boke out again im on dans regamen now & love it its keep me clear for about a month

hope you find something thats works for you & the best of luck to you

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I as well have done the same thing as well multiple times. I took vacation days to just stay at home and hide away and never answered my phone to avoid answering to friends that wanted to go out. I finally opened up to some friends that i do work with and hang out with to let em know what i was going through and why i avoided certain situations, and it really helped me to become more comfortable. They told me not to let it bother me and it wasnt that bad to them and said if i needed anything to let them know, so now if i have a bad breakout i don't feel as bad about going to work cuz they understand that i can not help it and i am trying to fight it.

Try letting your boss know what your going through, it is a hard first step to come out and talk about to someone else, trust me i pondered it for months before finally deciding too, but i am telling it will take a lot of weight of your shoulders and in the end you will be glad that you did. Most likely your boss or people around you will be understanding and that goes a long way.

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please, remember that acne/appearances is not everything.

don't be that harsh on yourself.

what I think is, before you get acne, when your face is clear without an acne.

you can care less about other people having acne. and you still talk to people with acne, you treated them same as you treat everyone else.

so right now when you have acne, why would other people care if you have acne or not.

to your friends, your colleague, you're the same person to them, you're still their friends.

you are not anything less just because of all those spots on your face.

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I can TOTALLY relate. I called in sick so many times that I have no idea why I haven't been fired. And lately, I've been sick of being a shut-in. People find me an interesting conversationalist, so even if you do not find yourself pretty on some days, wow them with your mind!...Ahem...If I could see you I could instantly point out your best features. Not everyone is seeking out your flaws, luv. Do something that keeps your mind off your skin ad the hardships of the day, like a candle lit bath with a good book. Or whatever works for you. We love you!

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