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Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 OR Proactiv!?!

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right now i have a full set of proactive which i have been using on an inconsistent basis for a year i guess. Over this period i have been working out hard and watching my diet. While i was lifting all my acne seem to have disipated. Now its back and i was at my friends house one night and stole some of his benzoyl peroxide %10 with in 3 days i used it i noticed a big difference. This is why im am asking should i get the benzoyl peroxide 10 which is found in CLEAN in Clears product?... is it the same as prescription medication... As u all know i would appreciate any response i hate livin with this stuff on my face.

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Proactiv really didn't work for me and only made my acne worse, so I would advise against it. However for some people it seems to work. Have you tried Dan's BP? It's only 2.5% compared to the 10% you mentioned, but seems to work for a lot of people here. Anyway, goodluck to you!

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I have researched alot of the prodcuts but ir ealized that 2.5% BP is the same thats in Proactiv's final tube of lotion (there both just 2.5% BP). Thats why i wonderin if i should upgrade not sure.

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10% BP is extremely drying and irritating. While it may have seemed to help in those three days, if you continue to use it, it's pretty likely that your skin will get quite dry and uncomfortable.

2.5% is just as effective against acne as 10% BP, but it's not nearly as drying or irritating. That said, from what I hear, the ProActiv BP has perfumes and whatnot in it that could also be irritating to acne-prone skin.

Neutrogena On The Spot and Dan's BP are both 2.5% BPs that are pretty gentle, and a lot of people have had wonderful success with them. Having used both, I'd have to say that Dan's is nicer--it goes on clear and it's much more cost effective--but the NOTS works just fine and is great for if you want something you can pick up at the store.

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