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Either or all of these things are curing my skin

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Maybe it's because my supplements are starting to take effect (started taking them about 4 weeks ago along with the regimen) or just coincidental. But I started these 4 things about 5 days ago and my skin took a huge turn:

1. Started the baby brush method to exfoliate my skin while showering.

2. Stopped drinking bottled water, only drank water from my PUR filter into a glass container. There are reports of the plastics in bottled water leeching harmful chemicals that can cause acne.

3. Stopped eating wheat entirely. I used to eat Cream of Wheat every single day for breakfast.

4. Stopped consuming apsartame, an artificial sweetener.

I'm also making it a habit to eat a full meal's worth of fresh celery, grapes, carrots, and bananas each day.

Hopefully it's not just a phase and my skin will continue to heal!

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Definatly eating healthy will help a lot!Also my skin tends to get dry and flakey and I noticed if I exfoliate twice a week it really helps keep my skin smoother and clearer!I use a homemade mask/exfoliate though.

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I wanted to bump this thread I created 3 years ago, and revisit the entire bottled water ordeal.

Right now I'm doing everything on the list above except #2. I've been going through a 24 pack of bottled water each week recently. I just bought a water filter for my faucet and I'm going to only drink water from it from now on, and I'll post my results. It might have just been a coincidence but it's worth a try.

If I find that stopping bottled water clears my skin, I'm going to be really shocked/concerned...

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