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What can you eat?

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So I have been reading a lot about the acne diet....and all I hear is what to avoid eating, such as dairy, fried foot, wheat, sugar, potatoes, trans fats, and refined carbs.......so what CAN you eat? I know you can snack on nuts, fruits, and veggies, but what I'm really looking for is some good meal ideas to add some variety.

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If it were me (it IS me!), I simply eat everything and anything but in moderation. Whereas I use to eat 10 slices of pizza, I'll eat just 1, then eat other things too.

But everyone is different. Find your own triggers.

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eat everything and anything but in moderation.

Well that'd be great just to eat anything...but I'm trying to avoid foods that cause acne.

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which acne diet have you read?

at www.freeacnebook.com

there are chapters devoted to fruit recipes and the combination of healthy fats (avocado and nuts and olive oil) and essential animal food (raw egg yolk).

check it out

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You want a good diet that'll help you? Read snipe's ebook from absoluteacneinfo.com

It's basically oatmeal/muesli for breakfast or some fruit

For lunch it's salad/vegetables etc (some cold chicken or turkey cut up?)

Dinner is basically Turkey, Chicken, or Fish w/ vegetables or whatever etc

That's the basic outline right there. It'll def help/work for many. (No Dairy/No Red Meat etc)

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