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Help with cystic stubborn acne

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well I have stubborn acne, pretty much now concentrates in my cheekbones as imflammated pustules that hardly develop a head and cystic type in the jawline/neck... not so many but enough to keep me down... Ive suffered acne since teenager but at that time it wasnt that bad and the derms I had pretty much kept it under control with antibiotics and creams....

It was when I hit 24 that all went crazy with the cystic type on the jawline that starts like painful swollen bumps and then they get hard and stay there long long long time... I pretty much didnt get the usual pimple or whitehead very few on them....

SO I went to many antibiotics during those years...

the cyclines... bactrim, the expensive ones like solodyn...

Used retin-A that may have helped a bit but not much, differin that I am using again by prescription of my new derm

Also did accutane without success maybe because I didnt finish the treatment because of blood test being a bit crazy and derm had me to stop...

Well after the accutane pretty much nothing and skin got a bit better until the beginning of the summer (june), by the way I am in the NW area so the heat started about june as well

since then it has been consistent and a bit worse week by week... yeah is so depressing and I am very concious about it that pretty much had keep to myself lately

So my new derm had me done the blue.red ligh for 8 weeks and 2 chemical peels... somehow it helped a bit but not much, guess is not for stubborn acne

Also he did some staph test and had me to go 2 weeks in a antibiotic to kills the cultures in my nose... so i did the 2 weeks and then kind of got a bit better... anyways then had to wait 2 more weeks for an appointment and then he said to do bactrim to continue killing the bacteria on the skin now so I am about to finish the second week with the pill but I am a bit upset cause its so annoying the waiting time... 2 weeks wasted for waiting for an appointment and then continue with the antibiotic... grrr... yeah plus 3 weeks to give me the lab test results... yes the lab was done and 3 weeks after i got the nurse call telling me i had staph... grrrr

5 weeks wasted which may have helped to heal faster if the staph was making me break like that anyways

so now using,

salycidic acid (epionce .abt 50 buck) + the wash too (40bucks) am and pm

differin( 3% samples from derm) night

bactrim 500 ( 4 mroe days to go) 2xday

the gel for the staph now as spot treatment on the pustules/boils like.

anyways is so depressing and going home for vacation on november and dont want my parents to see me like this... so so depressing



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