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Solution for Red Acne Mark

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Does anyone know a good product/home remedies/tips to fade red acne marks? I've had them for a while now, some of them for even 10 months. It really sucks because the pimple goes away, but the red mark are just a reminder of it. Do red acne marks even fade? Seems like they last forever, so if anyone knows any good products/tips/food or anything please inform me because I'm tired of not going out because of them. I'm currently using Cetaphil Daily Clensar, Differin Gel (skins been dry), and Cetaphil UVA moistuerizer. I've been using Cetaphil Daily Clensar along with Differin Gel for about 2 years. Differin Gel workes for me for my forehead, but my cheeks is a different story. So please, I'm looking for something they will fade my acne marks and I don't think time is an option because I've been waiting for so long already.

In the photo it looks better but in reality it looks worse, trust me.



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Hi dude, pls be patient with your skin and don't overdo it. IMO, watching mirrors everyday examining whether the acne marks fade or not won't help.(for example if you do, because i do) It only makes you worry, and that builds up on top the stress level and all, it will only make it worse. Avove all, i think maintaining a healthy diet, sleep and exercise is what lessen and help marks recover. Since you want it to fade away quickly like i do, discuss it at my post! you are asian right? haha

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