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Tazorac / Doxycycline 100mg / Benzoyl 7%

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Hi am new to this community, I am a 24 yr old Male with moderate acne (cystic and blackheads/whiteheads). I just went to dermatologist and was prescribed Doxycycline 100mg tazorac .1% and a benzoyl wash. I am not very keen on benzoyl due to skin damage so i really want to use my own regimen in the morning and then use the tazorac as directed at night time and the doxy 2 times a day. Would cutting the benzoyl out be a bad thing to do, or should i just use the 3 products together for 2 months before i meet with my dermatologist agian? i would be replacing it with products that have salicylic acid. ALSO, when spring and summer time coem along i don't want to be on doxycycline due to sun sensativity... is this something i can disscuss with dermatologist when i meet up with her in 2 months? or would using this regimen for 2 months be pointless to then tell her i want to switch to something like accutane or similair because i really want to get rid of my extreme amounts of oil production?? thanks for your help, Collin.

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I had good luck with doxycycline, retina, and sulfur. Consider switching to a sulfur lotion in the morning instead. Your derm can prescribe a good one. Although I use BP now to stay clear, when I still had acne, benzoyl peroxide just irritiated my skin. I saw an immediate difference when I switched to a sulfur wash, and Clindamycin in the morning.

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Ok well im on day 3 of this and just to clarify the Bp solution is a wash called NeoBenz Micro wash and not a lotion. I use a green tea light moisturizer as well. I have started to peel which i figured would happen im not to worried. My only concern is how long do i stay on this harsh treatment for? taking 2 anitbiotics every day and the tazorac .01% and the 7% BP wash... seems kind of exccessive for mild to moderate acne. I don't want to be on all this when spring or summer come along becuase i am constantly at the beach and in the sun all the time. So will my derm switch to something else then? or whats the deal not sure how this usually works.

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