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Does anyone have advice on how to improve blackheads?

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I rarely get pimples anymore but I still have a major problem with blackheads. They make my pores look large and ruin my otherwise nice skin. I've had them for years and skincare products don't seem to affect them, so I think it is an internal problem. I eat very healthy, these are my staple foods:

tons of veggies, fruits, quinoa, ezekiel bread, brown rice, eggs, low-fat Greek yogurt (1/2 cup or less a day), wild salmon, tofu, olive oil, avocado, almonds, sunflower seed butter, green tea, olives, chicken (twice a week), red meat (once a week or less), seaweed, beans, and that's all I can remember right now.

I never eat fast-food and I rarely eat out. I cook all my own meals, drink tons of water, and am fairly active. I rarely eat cheese just because I don't love it, and I don't drink milk. So, overall I feel I do the best I can. What else could I do?

When researching the cause of blackheads I read that it could be a liver problem. Recently my liver enzymes came back elevated and I am waiting to get an ultrasound done. If it is a liver problem, what can I do about?

Thanks for any advice!

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Well I don't know if there's a diet you can follow, but I have read that doing an oil cleanse can be very effective for removing blackheads. I use it myself, it seems to work but hard to say in my case since I don't have a big problem like that.

If you're not already aware of it the procedure is as follows:

Make up a mixture of castor oil and olive oil, the ratio can be 1:1, but this depends on your skin, oily skin can use more castor oil, dry use more olive oil.

- Massage face, especially problem areas with oil mixture for several minutes.

- Take a wash cloth, soak with HOT water, squeeze out excess, drape over face.

- Leave it on until it cools

- use washcloth to mop up the oil

- repeat previous three steps 1 or 2 times.

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