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I am 35 yo and NEVER comment on discussion boards like this, but felt it my duty to fellow acne sufferers to report my amazing success overcoming cystic acne with spironolactone. I had some mild acne in my teens, but it actually progressed and became more severe and cystic (especially around chin) over time throughout my 20s in college and grad school, worse than ever two years after having my second child in my 30s. Never wanted to try accutane (have thin hair to begin with and could get worse w accutane), but have tried all topicals (clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, salicylic acid) and oral doxycycline - all helpful with superficial acne...none with the cystic stuff. I started spironolactone at 50mg earlier this year, at 2 mo had minimal improvement. Dermatologist increased it to 100mg once daily and holy cow!...1mo later cystic acne practically gone except for occasional superficial pimple. It also significantly diminished my lifelong chronically super oily skin. I've been on it for 6 mo and still very very happy - I never miss a dose! As for side effects, possibly some MILD initial dizziness and increased urination early on, but probably gone after a week and currently SANS side effects. Will stay on this till I hit menopause or longer! Having said that, I'm not planning to have any more kids...have an IUD (the mirena), spironolactone is potentially teratogenic. So if you have super birth control and cystic acne, this is definitely worth the trip to the dermatologist! I was worried about chronic blood work for potassium monitoring, but my derm said this isn't a huge issue on low doses such as this - I'm just going to check my labs w my yearly OB/GYN visit. In summary, I actually have the desire to attend social events again without worrying about concealing my hideous skin lesions! This is a true miracle drug that's been hidden from the limelight, probably cuz it's so cheap!

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