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hey whats up guys?

the roof my mouth hurts like a mofo in the morning. is this normal? it also hurts to swallow. its not my throat that hurts, its like the sinus glands or something. it also feels soo dry that even drinking water hurts like a bitch.

you guys know any remedies for this? am i just getting sick? should i lower my dose?

thanks for your help! (y)

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Actually I have. I've been feeling fatigued and slightly feverish.

Do you think Im just getting sick or is it accutane and the dry winter air thats bothering my sinus and throat? Because as soon as I wake up, my nose, sinus glands and throat feels so dry and parched. like Im hung over and gone binge drinking the night before.

Its hard to explain. But the pain is ridiculous. Do you think a humidifier would help at all?

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A humidifier might do wonders, but if you can take the time to and can afford it, please see your regular physician. If you've felt feverish and your lymph nodes are swelling you might have an infection. Maybe strep? Accutane has been known to decrease the immune system and folks tend to catch illnesses easier (i.e. a cold, flu, etc.).

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