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Hello everyone! :D

Here's my story so far:

I have been fighting acne (mild-moderate) for a couple of years now since I became a teenager (I'm now 16).

I have tried antibiotics and creams (BP etc.) with no success.

My mom had been on accutane when she was at my age, so she told me about the treatment and to me it sounded like a good idea.

We went to the dermatologist (she's really really good and understanding by the way), and she sent me to get me taken some bloodtests to make sure that I was fine before starting.

The results of the test were very good, so my dermatologist just called me and said that I could start right away.

TODAY! :dance:


I will be taking my first dosage in an hour or two. Oh, and I'm set to take 3 pills (60mg total) every day.

I guess it will be a bit weird, to take the first pill, knowing that you're on a journey to a hopefully MUCH better skin.

- I gotta say, I can't wait for that!

I heard all these horror stories about this drug, but I'm thinking that it will work for me, since it worked for my mother and also my sister. But the thing I'm most frightened of, is the IB and how terrible it will be. Neither my mom or sister really had an IB, so I'm really hoping to be as lucky as them.


I will make a post for the 1st day tomorrow, and tell you how I'm feeling and how it's all going on my treatment, as well as for the next 4 months (the duration of my course).

By the way, I'm going to the USA tomorrow, because we're having holiday now! No school for a week :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Hi again everyone

Sorry about the delay, but I've been travelling, so you'll get day 1 & 2 now, hehe :)


I woke up and noticed a 2-3 new spots on my chin. GREAT. But I also noticed, that my skin looked less red around that area, so it wasn't really a big deal to be honest. I washed my face and put on some moisturizer, although my skin didn't really feel that dry (yet). I guess it will get a lot more dry in the following days!


My skin looked a lot better today! Although there was a few spots, it was much smoother I must say, but it was also getting more dry and flaky, so I applied more moisturizer after washing my face. I also applied some Vichy ''cover-ish'' thing on the few red marks just to cover it up you know... Why not? :rolleyes:

Now in the evening my skin is good, but a bit dry now. There are some new spots on their way to the surface of my skin. Not good?! Accutane is working faster than I thought. It's not like it's making my skin look better, but not that much worse either? :think:

I try to drink plenty of water, to just get all that crap that's probably in my body right now, haha! Let's see if it works!

See ya :dance:

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Hahah yeah I just started as well and my face already feels much smoother ;) But isn't your face getting itchy?

Hehe good you started too, hopefully we both will succeed :D

My face isn't really getting itchy, atleast not yet :P is yours?

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So today, my skin was much much more dry :think: but I was okay anyways. Not much else is happening really, but I can feel that I'm getting soooooooooo tired after just a little activity. My knee hurts a bit aswell, not sure if its a side effect of the accutane, so I'll have to wait and see if it get's better/worse.

Watching dolphins vs jets now wooo :dance:

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Wow, I just started my Accutane treatment today. I'm 20 and I'm taking 60 mg too! If you don't mind my asking, how much do you weigh? I'm curious since we're taking the same dosage. I weigh 110. I'm already experiencing headaches, nausea, and light sensitivity. I'm worried that my dosage is too high.

Your skin is already dry on the 3rd day? I didn't realize that started happening so soon. I guess I'll start using plenty of moisturizer. I also just started a log on here so if you want to, you can compare your experiences to mine. It's kind of cool that we're starting around the same time. I'm worried about the initial breakout too but I'm hoping and praying that since I was recently on Retin-A and had an initial breakout that it won't be too much of a problem.

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Great! Awesome with us beginning at the same time (almost), so we can follow eachothers progress! :)

I weigh 147 so yeah, my guess is that your dosage might be a bit too high. If you're having those side effects, you might wanna call your derm to hear him/her out.

About the dry skin - I bought Aquaphor and it works wonders for me! You should try it!

Yeah the initial breakout is what scares the most, let's just hope it won't happen (or atleast not be that bad) to us! Anyways, it's all about the goal ahead of us, so just hang in there :D

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Sorry again for not posting my progress on daily basis, but I'm still ''on-the-road'' so bear with me :P

:ninja: DAY 4-5-6-7-8:ninja:

So a lot of time has passed since last update. Not THAT much has happened. My skin got a lot drier, and I noticed my scalp is also dry and a tiny bit flaky :think: oh my god... I get very tired. Very very very tired, after a bit of physical activity and I am having the joint pain as well. My back hurts soooo bad. Guess I'll just have to live with it..?

For dry skin I just applied lots of Aquaphor, and it works soooo good :D - hardly a problem anymore (skin is not flaky)

For my acne - it's around my chin pretty much. The last couple of days I had a few smaller sized cysts or what you could call them. They are on their way down now, but it looks like their coming up again as small whiteheads.

Overall it ain't really noticeable. My skin is just a bit red, that's all.

I really hope this is the initial breakout, because it seems manageable enough for me to live with, if you can say so, haha :P

Hopefully starting to clear up soon!

By the way, I'm in California right now, so I'm very careful, wearing a spf 30 on my face and body. They say that UV rays can destroy your coloring in the skin extremely much when on Accutane so I'm very nervous when being out, especially now that I'm about to go swimming.

Have a great weekend all and best to you on Accutane just as me :)

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Hi all again!

Yeah, it's been a while now!

In like 2 days, I've been on Tane for 3 weeks!

Awful IB I've been having, but it's clearing up (finally)! :dance:

My skin isn't that dry anymore, well, not on my face! I noticed that skin on my hands and arms are getting drier, but nothing that a good moisturizer can't handle ;-)

2-3 days ago I just had like this break-down where I was soooo mad and frustrated and sad. I just wanted to cry! I was getting impatient about the whole thing! Luckily things are starting to get a bit better, so of course I will keep fighting!

Also noticing small wounds /something on my hands! Nothing really much just very small wounds that look a little infected. Only me notice, so it doesn't really matter that much :think:

Can't wait till I reach 1 month mark and see how I look/feel at that point!


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Hi everyone

So now I am currently on... Week 5?

Everything sucks at the moment. IB continues. I have reaaalllyyyy severe acne on my chin.. ONLY on my chin.. It looks so weird and, guess what - I will just have to stay home from school! ''Luckily'' im having a cold at the same time so, yeah. Haha!

No dryness at all really - only chapped lips but it's really manageable!

I try really not to use any products whatsoever at my skin now, to see if I can just let the Tane work out for me - hoping to see results by the end of this week! Atleast going in the right direction I hope?!

Other than that, I'm just really sad about how my skin looks, it's soooo bad :'( I feel like I can't even look at my family!

Any of you still been breaking out at week 5 and feel like there's no hope left? :confused:

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New day starting - the redness has faded a bit, always a +...

The active pimples and stuff seems to dry very much up, like, tomorrow they will probably just fall of because of being dried out.

Hoping to see my real skin underneath that in a couple of days maybe a week or 2.. If im that lucky! :P

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