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Doctors...........they don't even care do they??

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Hi everyone,

I left my doctors office near tears this morning after basically being told that nothing is going to work.

Don't get me wrong, after thirteen years of putting up with acne and going through various topical treatments, antibiotics and eventually fourth months of roaccutane treatment I pretty much already KNEW this but the doctors attituted was just horrible. It was almost like "Why are you even bothering me with this??".

I asked him if he thought the BCP would help and his basic response was "probably not, that's not what it's for". I figure my only options now are either find a private doctor who might actually care about helping or I just give up and resign myself to this forever.......................


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Dear Escocesa1,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time with your acne. Unfortunately, this is the story for so many of us who have tried countless products without much success.

I'm also sorry to hear about your unpleasant encounter with your doctor, who I assume was your dermatologist? Unless a person has had acne, which many dermatologists have not in the form in which we experience it, they do not know the amount of pain and agony it can cause.

I think it may be a good idea to see a different dermatologist about your acne, as though there is still a lot about acne which we do not know, there are numerous treatment options available. Please do not be disheartened.

A good idea would be to have your primary care physician (general practitioner) to do a full medical checkup to investigate for conditions such as food allergy or intolerance (Coeliac disease, dairy/lactose intolerance), diabetes or bowel disease which can cause or significantly aggravate acne. If your acne is unresponsive to medications, there may quite possibly be a secondary cause. If this is not treated, medication can have minimal effect.

Your doctor may also be able to provide lifestyle advice which can be quite beneficial in the treatment of acne as an adjunct.

Doctors are here to help you, sometimes we just get one who just isn't right for us. It might be worth letting the doctor know how you felt after the consultation for two reasons. One, the doctor may have caused you to feel that way without meaning to and your feedback can give him or her some education as how to better communicate with people like us. Two, because the next person that goes to that doctor about his or her acne may end up feeling like you did unless he or she is told to pick up his/her act.

Saying that, I do hope you are feeling better and wish you luck on your journey through acne.



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It sounds like you've tried pretty much every prescription there is... perhaps it's like to try the natural/semi natural route. Unfortunatelly we each have to find what works for our skin.

I would suggest you see about changing to another Doctor too.

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Thaks guys for your replies. This morning I was just so frustrated that the person who is supposed to actually treat me (and paid well for it too) was so uncaring and blase about the whole thing. I will most definatley never be back at that doctor.

Much like everyone on these message boards I have tried everything, things work for a while and then suddenly stop. Suppose I just need to keep waiting for the miracle cure!!!


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IMO doctors are just about in the dark to curing your acne as yourself. Ok, maybe not, but you get might point. It's not that they don't care, just realize that there is no magic wand or cure for it. They'll prescribe the common antibiotics, etc, and hopefully it will work. If not they'll move on to the next treatment but honestly at a certain point there's definitely little a general practitioner or even a dermatologist can do. I would definitely suggest finding a dermatologist or a different one if you feel he/she doesn't really care. Keep a good attitude and hang in there. :)

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Hey Escocesa,

I feel your frustration. Did you see your regular doctor or did you see a dermatologist? My father is a doctor but he is internal medicine and basically he tells me that acne is not a big deal. Since it is not life threatening, doctors dont give it enough credit. As acne sufferers, we know what kind of emotional damage acne can do. I believe that someone really needs to walk in our shoes for a month or more in order to understand what we go through.

Anyways, dermatologists USUALLY are more understanding when it comes to skin conditions and treatment. Plus they specialize in that field compared to your general practioner. I also have a friend who is a dermatologist and he is a guy. The reason why i mention that he is male is that when I tell him what I go through, he just thinks it is all in my head. I pretty much dont talk to him about my acne because I already know his attitude and response toward acne. My advice is to seek a FEMALE dermatologist if you plan to go for another appointment. When you do go, dont be afraid to tell her how you are feeling and how acne is affecting you and your life. If you have to, prepare for the appointment the night before and write out exactly what you want to say. I know it might sound corny but I typed out a list of previous medications and dates, how long I used it for, and previous dermatologist appointments. You dont have to do it that way but just coming prepared shows the dermatologist how serious you are about treating your acne. Hope this helps.

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Dont give up! I had sever acne and Im now clear,Ive been clear for about 3 years now!Check out my older posts,they have all the natural stuff Ive been using that healed my skin and none of it will make your skin worse,I have very sensitive acne prone skin myself but the all natural stuff does wonders for me!

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First off, your doctor is an idiot. Sorry to be blunt -- but not all doctors are equal. Some are better than others and this one is an idiot. You need to find another doctor.

Second, he was completely wrong about BCP. Yes, BCP are for preventing pregnancy not for curing acne BUT many, many women have been helped with BCP (has to be the right kind) if their acne is hormonal. If you tend to break out at the same point in your monthly cycle, then BCP may very well help you.

Have you considered that you may have a hormonal disorder? I'm beginning to suspect that this is the cause of my acne. I have a family history of thyroid problems and PCOS -- both of which can cause acne. So, if none of the standard treatments have helped -- perhaps that is because you have an underlying condition that is really at the root of your acne. Of course, finding a doctor that will take you seriously and spend the time to find out what is really wrong is a difficult process. My doctors barely spend five minutes with me at a time. So I can completely sympathize with your frustration.

Good luck and I hope you find your way to a solution that works for you. Just because this doctor wasn't smart enough to figure it out doesn't mean that a solution doesn't exist.

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