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Light therapy for moderate-severe?

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I'm seriously considering asking my dermatologist (on first appointment) about having light therapy as I'm sick of tablets and the risk of side effects. I'm on Minocycline, and I have about a dozen pustules (a lot are tiny and not visible) but I do get about one cyst per month, so is it worth me having light therapy? I think I'm moderate acne at the minute. Thanks.

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My dermatologist was going to start me on accutane when I asked him about light therapy, he advised me I could give it a try but he doubted it would work as my acne was too ingrained.

I started with acne at 14 and am now 38, I had been on minocycline and doxy for 6 years.

My acne was constant whiteheads and pustules with 2 or 3 of cysts a month.

I have been using the BeautySkin lightbox for 6 months and although the texture of my skin immediately improved it has taken 4 months for it too really start working I have had 2 menstrual cycles now since it has really improved, now instead of having 2 or 3 days a month with clear skin, I know have 3 or four days a month before my period when my skin is bad. Although when I say bad, its nowhere near as bad as it was.

I also use aveda's outerpeace products which I think are very good.

I would definately recommend light therapy but you need to patient as it is very slow too work if you have ingrained acne, but it is definately woreth the effort.

I use my lamp two times a day for 15 minutes each session.

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