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Melissa :)

Help, please please please.

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I'm 22 years old, and I'm suffering from reemerging acne - starting on my chin and working its way up to my cheeks. I think its caused by embedded blackheads or something of the sort. I've been suffering from cysts and nodules since I was 17.

In November 2007, I started accutane - all other antibiotics, creams, etc didn't work and only made my acne worse. I've been on the pill for five years, which also hasn't helped me too much. Once I started accutane, my acne cleared right up and for almost two years! While I love the drug, it made me depressed and tired all the time. The benefits were worth it though. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in April 2008. We believe it was due to the accutane, but who really knows what caused this. Needless to say, accutane probably isn't an option for me anymore due to the diabetes. My dermatologist prescribed me epiduo three weeks ago, but it only made my reemerging acne worse. Does anyone know of alternatives to accutane? I read about spironolactone on here. My body's only ever responded to accutane. My skin is very oily and what i consider disgusting. What should I do/research/take?

Any advice is welcome and will be greatly appreciated. Help! Please!

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well since you're diabetic i assume you already limit your sugar intake which is good. milk could also cause a reaction.

i used antiboitics for years until they just stopped working for me. so i started a regiment that has worked pretty well. basically i take

DIMplus (helps with hormonal acne which sounds like what you might have)

milk thistle extract (supports the liver to extract all toxins)

fish oil (good for your skin for many reasons)

chromium picolinate (which helps optimize insulin to keep levels lower)

zinc (helps immune system and helps absorb vitamin e)

vitamin e (probably most importatn vitamin for acne, good for immune system)

vitamin a (good for skin and immune system)

b complex (good for skin, immune system etc.)

also a good probiotic will help since you've used antibiotics your body is missing essential bacteria that are actually good for your body.

also i use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (which is better for senstive skin then the 5% or 10%) twice a day along with a good moisturizer.

hope that helps a bit.

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