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Acne relief w/o Accutane!

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Hi Everyone!

A licesned esthetician -- It's been a while since I reported on this board. Accutane, bc pills ( sensitive stomach due to years of anti biotics from derms), many many other things were not able to help me after trying the full dosage a few years back. I have discovered something to help my b/outs at about a 98% success rate. For about 1 year I have been taking Chasteberry extract (I buy mine from swanson vitamins) but you have to take three a day for it to become effective. After three months you may have to change "brands" due to your body becoming used to it ( I go on Nature's way 3 months then back to swanson brand) It regulates any hormonal functions that may be contributing to acne. There are contraindications - if you are pregnant and breastfeeding or have endometriosis. It is completely natural - a cactus extract - an old chinese herbal remedy which I discovered a little over a year ago. Up one night researching the net, crying because I was tired of the cysts that would come and go I stumbled across this herbal remedy. I cannot tell you the dramatic help it has provided me! Just wanted to share a little helpful info!

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Well one other thing you can do is not take any dairy products. It's funny how they say diet does not cause acne, yet studies show dairy products does.

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