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Less acne in the am?

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I find that my skin has smaller and fewer cysts and pustules when I wake up but by the end of the day, it is totally inflamed. Anyone know of an explaination?

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Probably cause in the morning , you've just woke up so your senses aren't as sharp? haha.

i always think my acne doesn't look bad in the morning, but by the end of the day. i think my face looks like crap.

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My skin is actually the opposite. It looks worse in the morning (i.e. bigger cysts) and gets better as the day goes on. I suspect it's because I sleep on my stomach so there's more fluid that builds in my face (as opposed to if I slept on my back). Then during the day that drains off. Or perhaps it's because I don't drink water while I'm sleeping (obviously) so my body isn't working as hard to eliminate the fluids.

I don't know. It's really not that noticeable. I think I'm the only one who could ever notice it because I look at my face all the time.

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In the morning my skin is a much more even tone, I'm not sure cause thats my eyes not woken up yet.. or whether my skins loves to be red during the day instead of the night :(

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My skin is the same way. When I wake up it seems alright, and everything is bigger and redder as time goes on. I think its because our faces accumulate more natural oil overnight. When most people wake up they wash their faces, which washes off this natural oil. Being naturally moisturized usually makes skin look 1000x better.

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