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Patiently Waiting

Feel like rolling up into a ball and hiding....

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So i have tried everything for acne. even accutane, which did work but a year later my acne is back. I suffer from depression and have been trying to deal with it for a long time now. Its all become too much. I can barely even get up the energy to go to class. I hate it. I hate the way i look. Why cant it all just go away? or why cant i just accept who i am and live a normal life? It is ruining my life. School is becomming hard to keep up with due to my issues, my relationship with my girlfriend is on the line because of me. ahhhh i just want to hide my face and and go to sleep. F

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Acne is a tough battle and it always come back, but hey don't give up, you won the war once, doesn't mean you cannot win it again :) and really, looking some other recent threads here on this forum, even those gorgeous models have acne. they manage to keep getting the job with acne on their face, even in that industry where everything IS about the look. No one is perfect. Not to mention in reality, life is NOT just about the look. Honestly personality wins over look. And you got a girlfriend who loves you for the way you are. Don't break her heart and sabotage a good relationship just because those red bumps which will go away eventually. Keep your heads up!

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No homo or anything but youre a pretty handsome fella. Heck your girlfriends probably hot, amirite?

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