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Long Shanks

At a loss.......not sure what to do next

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My situation at the moment is i have seb derm and acne. I'm currently on minocycline 100mg per day and using panoxyl 5%.

Recently i went to the dermatoligist, for which i've been waiting over 2 months for (i'm in the uk, so it's on the nhs). This was the 2nd time i've seen this dermatoligist. The first time she prescribed the minocycline and panoxyl. She also prescribed me a hyrdocortisone for my seb derm, which i havn't used. I've been on the minocycline now for just over 4 months. The amount of spots i get has certainly decreased, that could be down to a few things though. At my worst i had upto 10 spots on my forehead and several round my face, i'm now down to about one appearing every day or so. I've adjusted my diet, cutting out sugars (apart from fruit), no milk and drinking more water. My usual daily regime is below:

Morning- Wash face with Clean and Clear Deep Pore Cleanser, followed by ACV, oil free moisturiser and panoxyl 5%. One minocycline 100mg

Evening- Wash face with Panoxyl wash, followed by ACV, oil free moisturiser and panoxyl 5%

With this in mind; i'm now 22, have been battling with acne on/off now for 6 years, and after the use of 2 tetracyclines and numerous other lotions, i went to the derm with an attitude of moving onto the use of low dose accutane. The reason for it being low is because i dont want to aggrivate my seb derm. Apparently it can also be good though in low dose for seb derm!

I'm sorry for this being long, i just wanted to explain my history before going on.....

To the point. I went to the derm and the first mention of accutane and she quite firmly said 'NO!'. She started reeling off the usual blurb about kidney damage, suicidal tendencies......etc. Then went onto showing pictures of the extreme cases of acne which ''deserve'' this treatment, following up by calling me a ''perfectionist'' becuase i wanted to sort my condition. This really annoyed me because after all the years of dealing with acne i finally thought i might be able to use something that actually works. Now i'm back to square one. She was also reallly useless with helping my seb derm.......her answer soap, water and nizoral.

Anyway i don't know what to do, and i'm completely stuck. All the derms i've had so far have been rubbish and seem quite incompetent. I hate having to revolve my life around this routine of acne care and don't want to be dealing with it forever. 6 years has been enough :wall:

Is it wise to book an appointment with another dermatoligist (another 2-3 month wait), face that the one i had was just stuck in her ways, move on and try again for the accutane?! Or carry on with the minocycline, wash routine etc. until i ''grow out of it''?!.......if i stop my routine, eating better etc. im worried my acne will come back again.

Has anyone been in the same position as me and has any advice? Anything would be greatly appreciated :cry:

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I understand how you feel. I honestly do. I think most doctors and dermatologists are useless. I went to the dermatologist for the first time in May. The derm gave me only five minutes of his time. He barely asked me any questions, and gave me the 'i can't cure your acne speech.' He prescribed me antibiotics and some topicals. The antibiotics ruined my life and made the situation worse. So I had to book another appointment. This time I went to a new doctor. (I had to wait 45 days to get this appointment). This doctor was a bit more understanding and prescribed me topicals that would suit my sensitive skin. He said had I used the topicals the previous derm prescribed me, it would have done even more damage. It's only been a few days, so I'll see if things get better.

But my point is, keep on trying with new doctors. Sometimes you luck out and get a doctor who is somewhat sensitive. Long term use of antibiotics can be bad, so I'd be cautious of that.

I'm 23 and i've been dealing with acne since I was 12. So I understand how you feel.

But continue eating right, that's definitely a good thing!

Good luck!!

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