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My Success Story

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Since I entered high school I've been struggling with acne. I never had a face full of zits but I would always get a couple huge embarrassing ones that would plague me for weeks. I also would experience the occasional total face breakout. Im 20 now and have had acne up until a month ago when I decided to go in a new direction other than drug store spot treatments and topical creams and face washes. I attacked my acne from the inside and out. After researching the 7 day acne detox system I figured I'd try it, I was desperate for anything. Initially I thought it was BS however in TWO DAYS my existing acne dried up, and the scars started to fade. MY face felt tight and firm. After the entire cycle of the acne detox system I looked like a new man. That's not the only part of my regimen, but i believe it was the mot important...here's what I added.


50 mg of Zinc gluconate daily to regulate hormones and dry up excess oil

Potent multivitamin

B complex vitamin


Wash face twice daily with a salicylic acid wash, i recomend PHisoderm

Wash face 1-3 times daily with an antibacterial soap...Safeguard

Wash face 1-2 times daily with an Apricot scrub

This was my regimen to success that I still follow to this day and my skin looks great. Good luck guys.


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