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Good results with Chinese cream

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I suffered from SD and possibly rosacea too for 20 years until I achieved success with Zhongzhou zinc oxide and sublimed sulphur ointment. My symptoms were inflamed, red, flaky and extremely itchy skin on either side of my nose, which sometimes would also have a rash of white pustules, plus the same kind of shallow, white pustules on the outer edges of my nostrils. I also had severely itchy skin inside my ears.

The cream costs about fifty US dollars to have sent to the UK from Hong Kong from the Demodex Solutions online shop.

The cream can be difficult to tolerate at first and you may need to start off with almost microscopic amounts to begin with, to avoid excessive redness, tightness, flaking etc, but it really is worth it in the end. I have no symptoms at all now (I've been SD free for a couple of years) and only need to use the cream once a week to keep it under control. I tried it on my teenage son who has moderate acne and it hasn't made much difference, if any - so I've now started him on Dan's benzoyl peroxide regimen instead.

The drawbacks of the Zhongzhou cream are that it is difficult to tolerate at first, it contains menthol, which makes your eyes water for a few minutes after applying it and the cream has a sulphur smell like unstruck matches. It's not so strong a smell that anyone would notice unless they actually put their nose on your face though!

I hope this helps as it has worked brilliantly for me.

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