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Almost done with 5th month

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I've been on 80mg for almost 5 months now and things are still worse than before I started accutane, not to mention the red marks and scars that have accumulated. I wish I could hear from someone else that has had the same problem it would be reassuring. I still have 2 months left on my course, but I'm just getting fed up with this never ending, stubborn acne. It's the same spots over and over again in places I never really use to have trouble with? Is anyone else having the same trouble?

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Dont worry abit bud.

I am myself going through the same thing and many more also. I have been on 60mg for 8 months now, was meant to finish at five months but am still going. I went to my derm this morning and although I have finally cleared massively in the last month and a half I still have 2 spots on my neck. The derm has kept me on for a further month and a half now. I was gutted. But because the side effects are hitting me hard...more of a nuisance really....I have dropped to 40mg for this last month. By the time I finish this course I will have completed a 9 and a half month course in total.

Hang in there bud. You have nothing to worry about. The clearing process for me started in my 6-7 month and rapidly took everything away on my face and neck....just these last odd little ones on my neck left.

Take it easy


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I'm having the same issue, but I'm not even experiencing the side effects really. I mean, my lips are dry and my face is starting to barely peel, but I've got acne that is WORSE than before I started. And I've been on 120 mg for the past month, and am bumping up to 160...I only weight 135 lbs. I hope that yours clears up before the end of your course, and know that there are others out there having the same problem too :(

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thanks for the replies it's good to hear from people that are having similar situations, JeBri I hope you clear up soon and good luck with your course

Congrats on clearing up and only having one more month danny!

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