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Acne.org BP is making me react badly after a month or two now?

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So, I bought the whole shabang, a starter kit, in July. Unfortunately I have been waking up and going to bed at rough times so I wasn't a consistent user, and I only did it once a day usually because I wanted to start slow.. So I actually took a break from it for a few days and well I started using it again and then my face got miserable. Or rather, I got miserable. My face became red all over, extremely itchy(Very intensely itchy), and swollen at places. It's miserable to have this happen because not only do I look ridiculous but I feel like I am going to scratch my face off.. This has happened three times now because after that first time I tried it again a few days later... same thing... After a week or so and same thing. I had been using this stuff for about a month or two without problems and now it just happens after I take a small break? There were no problems like this before... So I am not going to use it anymore because either the product went bad or you guys know what happened maybe.

Anyway.. Discontinuing use of BP... It's killing me.

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From the FAQs:

Q: My skin looks absolutely terrible. It is peeling off, red, and I am miserable. What do I do?

A: You are either allergic to benzoyl peroxide, or you started too fast. 1-3% of people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide and experience swelling and/or crusting. If your skin swells up, discontinue use immediately. Most likely if you are experiencing severe dryness/redness, you simply started too fast. It takes a few days to a few weeks for your skin to become acquainted with benzoyl peroxide, and the redness/dryness should subside with time. Using a non-overdrying liquid cleanser can help preven this dryness as well. If you really can't stand the dryness, stop the Regimen completely, give your skin a few days to recover, and begin again with a much smaller dosage, only ramping up the dosage as you feel comfortable. But remember, you eventually need to use A LOT of benzoyl peroxide to achieve total clearing.

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