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why is my skin so dry ??

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so im on retin-a and my skin is dry dry dry . but it's also oily . it was like this before retin-a too . i never used a moisturizer for an extended period of time cause they never helped, but idk what to do !! i reallllly think my acne would be better if my skin wasn't so dry . how can i help this ??

btw - if it helps, it feels and looks like theres an extra layer of dry, kinda shiny brittle cracking skin on top of my normal skin .

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Ok, your skin is overdry, there are some things you will need to do...

When your skin gets dry, it actually starts making MORE oil to try and combat the dryness, but that oil just seems to sit on top.

I had this same problem. I started moisturing twice a day, after washing my face in the morning I use a moisturizer with SPF, in the evening I use a different moisturizer that doesn't have the SPF. It will greatly improve the balance of your skin.

Secondly you need to drink a lot of water. Get about 64 oz a day, or whatever it is. This will help.

Next, you will need to GENTLY exfoliate the dry layer of skin off. This will take several days if you do it gently, remember GENTLY.

Lastly, your retin-a will make your skin dryer and peel more. There's not much you can do about that part. I finally stopped using mine, because it caused too much redness for me.

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I have really dry skin and use a tretinoin cream too. I found that taking lukewarm baths instead of showers helps a lot. I use a soft wash cloth to exfoliate the dry skin everyday (move the cloth around gently in little circles), and then moisturize with glaxal base lotion (not the cream version). Also, I found that putting cleanser directly on my face really dries the skin out, so I just fill up the sink with water and add a little cleaner to the water while the skin fills up. Then just rinse your face with lukewarm water after you've washed it.

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