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Okay so heres the problem I know what acne I have and it's the horrible painful cysts and nodules but my nodules does not hurt as much while my cysts is pumping against my skin feeling like it's about to expode any min.

I of course have also used many products and went for chemical peel and Nlite treatment but was always left feeling like I got robbed and letted down so bad.

I've been to my doctors and they gave me some gel to put over it which worked for abit then it stopped, went to them serveral times and they just kept telling me to use the same thing.

So heres the thing I'm not too sure if should I go to see a derm about my acne I'm sure if I keep pushing my doc I might can get refered to one but then it seems like you have to keep trying alot of different products and taking different medication all the time and going through all that sometimes the results are bad. I'm kind of scared and worried with all those things but my acne is very painful and I'm trying so dam hard to not touch and pop them cause when I keep feeling the pumping in the spots it feels like it's asking to be pop which at the moment I'm still holding out strong I'm refusing to pop it!

I got very bad scarring and some spot have left behind little holes in my face but it beats having spots I guess. I just want to control these spots and then think about the scarring what ever later since I don't know when the day will come where I can look in the mirror and see clear skin again.

Oh and the other things that concerns me is I read up that when you take certain medication it goes away but once u stop taking them it comes back... and it comes back worse so I'm kinda thinking do I really want to go through that =(. why can't there be a cure where acne goes and just would not come back at all!!!

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The medication you are talking about is an antibiotic. They only relieve symptoms temporarily.

Accutane, however, should fix this much easier, and the good thing is acne probably won't return afterwards.

This is really the only tried and tested solution for severe nodulocystic acne.

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