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Question AFTER Accutane.

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Alright, i recently completed a 4 and a half month course.

My only problem is that i believe my course was a little short.

My course was:

Month 1: 40mg

Month 2: 40mg

Month 3: 60mg

Month 4: 70mg

2 weeks: 60mg

By the time I was done, I was pretty much clear besides a few cysts that seemed to be going away on my chest, along with 3 bumps on my cheeks. My derm said that 4 and a half months is enough, because some people progress even after their course.

Right now, i have about 3 cysts and 3 little whiteheads on my chest, and 1 cyst on my back. The oil on my face is also slowly coming back, and I still have the 3 bumps. My chest and back DO look better than they did the day I finished, but Im just worried because I always thought Id be clear by the day I finished. Im about a month and a half post tane.

My derm was cautious because of my age (I was 15 when I completed the course), Im guessing.

Accutane DEFINITELY helped, and was going to clear me, but I really feel like my derm fucked me over.

What should I do? Im thinking about seeing a new derm, and hopefully going on another course.

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I got a couple of painful cysts on the back of my shoulder right away after the course. They went away and those are the last cysts I've seen in over a year. My course was only 4 months as well. Many folks do see improvement after the course. You have to wait 8 weeks before you can start another course anyway so why not just see how everything goes?

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ahh thank you, that really makes me feel better actually. currently, i just have 2 cysts, and about 4 or five red bumps that arent cysts, but more like whiteheads.

youre right though, ill let you know how i do! :D

one more question though. is it alright for my oil to be returning again? by the end of a school day (7 hours) i have some decent oil but im not like, DRENCHED.

anyway, like i said, its only my chest, no new breakouts on my face or back so far!

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Yes. Your body will start to produce oil again, but it should be less than before.

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