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Need some advice

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Hi, this is my first post on this site and i wasn't exactly sure where to put it so if its in the wrong place, sry.

Anyway ive been on accutane (60 mg a day) for about 3 and a half months. when i started it i had pretty bad acne. since then my acne is pretty much completely gone and all thats left are a bunch of red marks. but thats that not what im concerned about at the moment.

Recently ive been getting a few small actives nothing too bad but today when i woke up i had a reasonably big active on my left cheek. It kind of surprised me b/c accutane has worked so well since ive been on it and i havn't really had any zits for months.

So i was just wondering if this was a normal thing or if its something to worry about. any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yea, a couple weeks ago my blood work came back with high liver enzymes or something so my derm had me go down to 30 mg a day for about a week. my liver functions went back to normal so im back up to 60 a day. im thinking it might have something to do with the week of 30.

btw i attached a pic so people can get an idea of what im talking about.

Again any feedback would be great.




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I got taken off accutane for 2 weeks because of liver test results and I also broke out but when I was put back on everything went back to normal. This was 5 months into my course. I wouldn't worry to much about 1 bigger one showing up as it probably is the coming back on that caused this.

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this is completely normal, since you have not completed the full course and your skin is still in the proccess of being helped it is likely that a breakout would occur if your dose has been lowered, however this shouldnt last long and you will be back to clear skin in no time!

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