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So, this fun has now lasted for exact 2years. The worst part is over, the big bad infected breakouts thanks to roaccutan (avitamin therm. treatment of 3months). Im 22years old man.

Currently I have these bad bad red marks and every now and then whiteheads coming out of nowhere. 2-5, randomly breaking, sometimes I got for 2-4days without any but then again same thing. I just cant track what causes it.

I eat 3000mg of omega3 fishoil, now Iv started to eat a lot lot of fruits everyday, basically diet consist of chicken, dark pasta, fruits, other meats.

In mornings I wash my face with cold water & apply moisturaiser (consisting of snailmilk+aloevera)

Before bed I clean my face with which is suppose to be soft cleanser(vichy), wash off with cold water & apply moisturaiser.

Iv been doing this now for about 1½months atleast but no change what so ever, which brings me to peeling the skin.

Im quite sure I have very sensitive skin, seems to react in room dust, lemon treatment etc very easily. Im not really sure how to do the peeling safely. I ahve this Neutrogena Daily Scrub which is suppose to be soft enough to use even every day. Thing is past times when I'v used it, it has seemed that it might have caused few whiteheads to breakout. Can it be too harsh? Is it cause I didnt use cleaner after it, just washed & applied moisturaiser?

Im wondering if not peeling is what is causing the few whitehead breakouts (dead skin or some "dirt") and holding back the healing of redmarks?

Any kind of advice would be great, thanks

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