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Crossing my Fingers for Clear Skin

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Good Morning! I should be working, but for some reaason felt compelled to get out my thoughts on my skin and acne in general. I'm getting married exactly one month from today (yay!) so clear skin has been even more on my agenda. I have struggled with mild to very moderate acne since the age of 11....I am now 27 and this just seems unfair and ridoggonediculous! I have used it all:

Clearasil, Neutrogena, DDF, Philosophy, PTR, Retin-A, Tretinoin, Doryx, Duac, Blue light Therapy, Proactiv, BC pills (ortho tri cyclen), Decleor, Dermalogica, facials, photofacial, Clarisonic and even more! (I used to work at Sephora, lol). I always put my hopes into some 'miralce' product that ends up falling flat. I'm discovering that dealing with acne is not a fun thing or a quick fix. I think it comes down to doing multiple small things that slowly make change. Here's what I'm doing now...with one month until my wedding, all I can do is relax and pray :).

1. Acupuncture - This is covered by my insurance so I thought why not give it a shot. I have my 7th session today. I'm not sure if this have done anything much yet. It is very relaxing and does help keep my stress levels down. She's focusing on balancing my hormones, so hopefully my 'time of the month' breakouts will be lessened. Also, the acupuncturist explained that 'heat' in the body contributes to acne. Avoiding 'hot' foods is supposed to help. Some of the big ones I have been avoinding: Shellfish, spicy foods, and sugars (working on the sugar...I have a sweet tooth!)

2. Food Allergy - I had a food allergy test done. All foods came back negative. I still try and limit my intake of dairy.

3. Lemon Juice - I juice one lemon in the morning and one at night. Swig it down.

4. Perricone Clear Skin Vitamin Pack - Pricey, but you get 7 vitamins made specifically to help skin. I also add one tablet of zinc food complex because I feel like the Perricone don't provide enough zinc. The zinc food complex is easy on the tum-tum.

5. Duac - This really is a good topical. I am trying to be careful not too use too much or too often, because it can be quite drying. It's a gel that is a mix of 5%bp and 1%clindamycin

6. Not Picking - Started this today. I am horrible with this and strongly believe this is contributing to my skin problems. It was hard to resist the urge this morning...but I must admit my face looks better already.

7. Clean Make-up - I only use Prescriptives mineral make-up. This is the HG of mineral makeup. I have tried almost all of them. This goes on the most natural, has staying power and actually helps improve skin. Way Way Way better than bare minerals.

8. Other Skincare - I cleanse twice per day with SFC lotion. It comes w/the Duac and is similar to Cetaphil. I use Cetiphil lotion and a toner that is from an all natural organic line called Eminence. It's composed mainly of lemon/lime juice and lavendar.

Reading through that list exhausts me. My stuggle with acne is at times crushing. I am usually a positive, happy gal, and acne is the one thing that can get me down and ruin my whole day. I'm determined not to let it get me down. My skin can no longer be the enemy....I must try and befriend it. I know that a lot of my skin problems are in my head and that many people have it much worse, but for me it's very emotional.

Here's to the power of positive thinking, relaxing, and treating it on the outside as well as on the inside. Fingers crossed and prayers said :). Have a wonderful day, you are not alone and you are beautiful.

*If you have any questions about any products or things I've tried, just let me know. I'd be happy to share my experiences.

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